• No one can understand the helplessness of living out a life-or-death moment in slow motion. Sometimes you just have to drown...so you can live.

    A family picnic at a Southern California beach ends with a
    near-drowning, transforming a man caught in the clash between two disparate
    cultures—his own and the one to which he aspires. As his future hangs in the
    balance, he is forced to choose between them.

    Emigrating to the United States from Aleppo, Syria, young
    Christofir yearns to assimilate into American culture. But his estranged family
    has more self-serving strategies in mind, and when he meets Ani, the woman with
    whom he falls in love and intends to marry, they use every devious plot in
    their playbook to sabotage his plans.

    By 2020–2022, when the COVID pandemic takes hold of
    humanity, systematically changing the world as we know it, God starts revealing
    His plans for Christofir and His loved ones, clarifying the chaos and confusion
    and confronting him with His greatest challenge.

Christofir & Ani Krihkori

Christofir Krihkori is a successful entrepreneur living the quintessential American Dream with Ani, his smart and stunning wife, mother of three, plus dogs and a parrot. The universal message of how they overcame their contentious cultural challenges through faith in God, country, and each other is what the inspiring Drown to Live is all about.
This young power couple has already produced a motion picture, The Other Side of Things, and is currently connecting the metaverse with their innovative iShopMeta immersive shopping experience.

From the Authors

From Christofir:

Our book, "Drown to Live," is our personal memoir, born from a life-altering moment when I, Christofir, was on the verge of drowning, both in water and despair. At my last breath, I called out to God, and miraculously, He saved me.

The title "Drown to Live" truly captures that feeling of being on the edge, like you're almost out of options, and then somehow finding salvation even when it seemed impossible. It's a title that comes straight from our hearts and from thinking about the ocean, where I felt like God's grace reached out and saved me when I was about to go under for good.

In our memoir, we discuss moments of facing the impossible and emerging stronger. It's a testament to our personal journey, similar to the spiritual rebirth in Romans 6:4, where baptism signifies a fresh start.

Through our memoir, we aim to inspire faith and resilience. It's our way of sharing these intimate moments, hoping that you, too, find strength and renewed faith as you read our story.

From Ani:

I think we can all agree that we've all experienced a 'drowning' moment in our lives metaphorically, not in the literal sense of water, but in the challenges and struggles we encounter. In our story, you'll find moments that evoke tears and moments that bring joy, challenges that test us, difficult choices that we are faced with, and a lot of family drama. As we look back, we realize that it was often in those moments that we found our greatest strength, our deepest faith, and our true purpose.

Our book, "Drown to Live," resonates with people from all walks of life despite cultural or background differences. As you turn the pages, our prayer is that the reader will find empowerment, unwavering resilience, and a powerful message about the goodness and holiness of God, who orchestrates everything for His glory and for our good.

We pray that our story inspires faith and reminds us all that, from those drowning moments, God can emerge us even stronger through trust and faith in Him. It's our way of sharing these intimate moments, hoping that you, too, find strength and renewed faith as you read our story.


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Drown to Live

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